Honest Review 2019 And HostGator Login – How To Create Hosting Account

If your goal is to optimize or maximize website speed using best hosting services like HostGator then stay with me to learn How to Login HostGator to buy best WordPress hosting.

Google itself declared officially, one of the factors which really going to impact your website ranking is the Website Speed

Shared hosting plans are having some limitations with the performance but the best bit for a beginner who has just started his website.

If you don’t want to head over to the improvement on the performance of the website and just want to focus on writing the content only then Recommended hosting is WordPress Hosting.

There are various other hosting provider services but why you chose Hostgator? That’s all discussed in detail to this guide.

Hostgator Login but Why?

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If you are wondering to get a list of web hosting accounts to which you should land your website. Then Hostgator is one of them and I recommend, you should do Hostgator login for the great experience.

Hostgator is Houston based one of the largest web hosting accounts in the world on which approx 9 million domain names are currently hosted.

Hostgator is EIG owned web hosting company which already has another like Bluehost,ipage, and JustHost.

A review has been taken from 3rd party independent company portal HostingAdvice and has great views.

HostGator best Shared hosting plans start from 2.65$ /month to 5.68$/month which is quite cheaper than what already existing hosting services are offering.

Before moving forward, I would love to say always purchase hosting from any branded company, because they care and value their customers a lot.

If you will go behind a cheap unreliable hosting plan then you will regret as time passed away.

In this article, I will give you an honest review.

After going through all its features and by comparing this with others. You will confident enough to do the first HostGator Login.

Hostgator Best Shared Hosting Plan

So do not miss any single step to, learn in depth. At the end, steps have been given to create a web hosting account with HostGator

What is web hosting?

If you are creating a website then you will have web pages and will have its backend code, HTML, CSS and lot many other data which needs to be held somewhere on the internet.

Hence hosting providing services offers you a space on the internet and assure you to live your website on the internet by holding all your content and everything.

This is called hosting because they are hosting every single thing of your website.hence searching for hosting services is not limited to finding a space to put your content on it.

It is way more than storage and that is the speed and performance of the website, which will totally depend on your Web hosting services.

Well, there are numerous hosting providing services and yes few provide hosting for free of cost as well.

But Free hosting services start popping up ads on your website and ultimately irritating the viewers of your website.

So always make the best choice which can provide you best services like customer support 24/7 and have proven record in the past with the Webhosting.

I have gone through various reviews and tried my best to find out which one will fit in bets price suit and luckily I found HostGator.

Yes, The Hostgator is in top of that list. But Why?

To highlight all these factors and to explain which hosting you should purchase make sure to read the guide till the end.

All your query answers are explained below in step by step.

What makes web hosting perfect?

If you are a beginner or already using web hosting account owned by any other company then you should know below points before choosing any web hosting company.

It’s better to research first instead of changing mind later in middle of your blogging journey.

  1. web Hosting Speed
  2. Uptime
  3. Contact and Support
  4. Web hosting Plans and Feature
  5. Low cost affordable renewable plan
  6. Well versed brand

Answers for all the above query is explained below in the article.

Reason to Choose HostGator

Hostgator is not only a brand but it provides you well customer-oriented services and even cheaper hosting plan.

In the below category, we will go through each point separately and uncover all questions answers.

Web hosting Speed

In-fact, Google has stated that even 1-second delay in server response will cause a loss of 7% conversion rate.

HostGator Speed

Oh my god, it’s too much:

So the speed of web hosting matters a lot while choosing any hosting platform and ideally this should be the most deciding factor while choosing any web hosting account.

Study on web speed has been already done by many experts and they found Hostgator is most reliable and below screenshot verify same.

I have checked with on of test website and found below the score for same and it looks too good where website load speed is less than 2 second and performance grade is close to A.

PingDom Speed Checker

You can even minimize load time by optimizing your website, it varies website to website.

I hope it’s pretty clear with web speed, why you should choose for same.

Up Time of the WebSite

This is the second important factor to determine to host service. Almost every hosting service offer 99.9% uptime and Hostgator will also assure you same.

HostGator Hosting Plans and Feature

HostGator is providing a variety of plans for users depends on their needs, start from Shared hosting to VPS hosting. Find below and choose one.

HostGator WebHosting plans

If you are a beginner or running a website which has decent traffic then you should prefer for shared hosting.

It is most recommended Hosting:

Shared hosting will help you to run your website in a shared environment where thousands of other websites will be using the same resources.

That’s why its cheaper but most reliable, no need to worry for decent traffic or beginner.

Shared hosting has three plans which you can opt for.

HostGgator Shared Hosting

I would recommend buying Baby Plan, which is good enough for 3.95$/Month only and will give you wide room to expand multiple websites on a single hosting platform.

Shared hosting plan starts from 2.75$/month to 5.95$/Month and these offers are promotional offer for the first-time login user.

I would recommend opting for 24 months at first time login only else after expiring the first-year plan it would cost 3 times more than the current price to renew the plan.

Host Gator Baby Plan

From the above pricing plan list, it is clear if you will go for the long term then you will get more discount.

Baby Plan offers you below best things.

  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited domain web hosting is the prime feature as you can host multiple websites by purchasing only a single plan.

Cloud Hosting

The shared hosting account is limited to one server on which multiple websites will host.

So in cloud hosting your website will utilize multiple servers and will create balance and improve website speed.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Cloud hosting is the best option for users who already getting more than decent traffic and immediate getting spike in traffic.

VPS Hosting

It is well suited for a growing website which is getting a frequent spike on user traffic. With this, you can manage your virtual resources on the cloud.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

For Plan Click here – Virtual private server hosting

Dedicated Server

This kind of hosting require for most famous and high traffic website.

A dedicated server with the specified specification will be allocated for each website.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

HostGator Customer Support

HostGator provide the best support on call as well on online Chat.

In case of any issue, you can make them call or ask them your query on the online chat system.

The best part is, as it is owned by EIG so they care about reputation. The number of online tutorials, blog, and YouTube videos is available to solve your problem.

The best of support is both services available for 24*7 and 365 days.

Money Back Guarantee

HostGator offers 45 Days Money back guarantee for your subscription taken for any of the plans.

Most of the hosting services provide only 30 days. But Hostgator jump on for an extra two weeks to get an honest review.

The best part is, imagine you have taken hosting and did not get any relevant services or found any issue you can ask the company for a refund within 45 days.

Unlimited Webhosting

HostGator provide unlimited web hosting if you will go for Baby plan.

Unlimited WebHosting HostGator

If you are planning to host multiple websites then opt for Baby Plan which allows you to host approx 10 websites and this is good enough.

HostGator Login Bundle

Are You confused which plan you should opt for

It is obvious to have doubt so as a beginner of decent getting traffic website, go for Baby plan of shared hosting.

This is the most sought and recommended plan.

Where, if you have a future plan to host multiple websites this should be the best solution.

I hope you have cleared all your doubts:

So let’s finish your Webhosting purchase, to do so do follow below steps as I am instructing.

So this time to let create the most desired shared web hosting account with Baby Plan

Get Ready to onboard.

How to Create a web hosting account with HostGator 

Let’s go through the steps on how to do HostGator Login and create your web hosting account.

Step 1

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Click to Sign Up and it will navigate to the home page.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Step 2

Select Buy Option under Baby plan.As indicated in Arrow.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Step 3

If you already have domain then click “I already own domain” and provide existing domain name.

If looking for a new free domain for 1 year then choose to “Register a new domain” and provide domain name, until its available.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Drop down will be available to choose either .com,.net,.net,.org etc.

Step 4

Choose a hosting plan is important so do follow below steps

  1. Select package type – Baby
  2. Select Billing cycle – Upon your choice recommended 24 months.
  3. Provide Username.
  4. Provide account security code means password.
HhostGgator Web hosting Account Login
Host Gator Baby Plan

So far so good we are about to finish:

Step 5

Last step to provide billing info and mandatory details and do the payment.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

There are two payment options available

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Step 6

These fields are not mandatory but makes sure option for free SSL certificate must be checked.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Step – 7

Provide coupon or promo code if you have to get a discount on the purchase.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Step – 8

Review your purchase order and total amount deducted from your account after checkout.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Step – 9

Check to privacy policy box and click to check out.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

Boom !! You are done with Hostgator Login Process and an email will be triggered to your registered email id, just do verify.

You are now successfully on-boarded congrats

My View on HostGator Hosting

You have gone through the honest review and I hope all your doubts related to hosting and services offered by Hostgator is almost clear.

After first HostGator login, you will have the opportunity to switch plan in case if you required.

Obviously, you may find a variety of other options, but HostGator is among the top 5 hosting providing and best reliable service.

And 45 days money back guarantee plan make this more attractive to try at least one and over 9 million domains are currently active on HostGator.

Go for the Baby plan and start your journey.

HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)
HostGator Login - How to create hosting account and Honest Review(2019)

If you still asking me an alternative which is competitive and best to host then go for Bluehost as it is also owned by EIG.

Read – Siteground hosting review 2019

Plans and price will be bit different and even it’s also offering the best plan same as HostGator.

1 – Does HostGator has inbuild cPanel?

Ans – Yes

2 –  How many days Refund policy HostGator Offers?

Ans – 45 Days

3- How do I log in to my HostGator account?

Ans- User ID and Password will be shared to you.

4- Which Shared hosting plan is better?

Ans – Baby Plan (Highly Recommended)

5- Can we switch or upgrade any plan after first purchase?

Ans- You can do at any point in time.

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