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Baking cups are a wonderful asset to any kitchen. These cups are used to help prevent the batter from sticking to the inside of the pans during the baking process. Besides their obvious use with muffins and cupcakes, they have several other uses.

Most people enjoy using the cups for portion control, in children’s Bento lunch boxes, and also for making mini versions of popular desserts. Some people also use them as liners for homemade candies. Baking cups help make clean up much easier and less stressful.

These cups come in different colors and sizes. They also come in both disposable and reusable options. The disposable cups can be made of paper or foil whereas the reusable options are made of silicone.

Whether you opt to pick the disposable, reusable, or a combination of the two, there are several options to pick from. The following top best baking cups are all of the great quality and will make your baking job easy and much more enjoyable.

1. Wilton 415-2179 300 Count Rainbow

Wilton 415-2179 300 Count Rainbow

Celebrate with these bright baking cups in a pack of 300. The bright colors will make your delicious cupcakes more exciting. You can either use one color for the occasion or mix and match the colors for a vividly colorful display. The 2-inch diameter baking cups can fit standard muffin or cupcake pans, making it easy to clean the pan.

2. Globally Good Silicone Baking Cups / Cupcake Liners

These are reusable baking cups that enable moms and their kids to prepare any cupcake or muffin recipe. They are made from FDA-approved materials and are completely free from any harmful chemicals. They’re made with food grade silicone and can either be used alone or with cupcake liners.

3. Green Direct Standard Size White Cupcake

Turn your cupcakes into pieces of art with these versatile baking cups. The cups are grease-resistant for baking party muffins, cupcakes, or holding candies and other goodies. They come in a pack of 500 and are all white in color.

  • BEST QUALITY sturdy Standard size baking cups for every day baking
  • White paper baking cups 500 pieces per pack for baking large quantity for upcoming event or party
  • Excellent cupcakes desserts hot and cold appetizers candies and every day enjoyable fun activity
  • Are you planning a major gathering and Wanting to prepare something easy and delicious buy these classic white paper cups and transform your simple goodies into a masterpiece

4. Standard Paper Cupcake Liners / Baking Cups

4. Standard Paper Cupcake Liners / Baking Cups

There is nothing better than taking that first bite of a warm and straight-from-oven muffin. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than your perfect muffin being too reluctant to release itself from the grips of the baking cup it’s wrapped in. However, these paper baking cups eliminate this problem. With the inherent non-stick properties of the liners, gently peeling off the paper will reveal perfectly intact and yummy cupcakes and muffins each time.

  • The Package length of the product is 6. 299999993574 inches
  • The Package width of the product is 3. 99999999592 inches
  • The Package Height of the product is 2. 899999997042 inches
  • The Package weight of the product is 0. 20062065842 pounds

5. Pantry Elements Jumbo Silicone Baking Cups

5. Pantry Elements Jumbo Silicone Baking Cups

These baking cups are perfect for mini meatloaves, pot pies, pastry desserts and quiche. The large 3-5/8 inch by 1.7-inch cups is made from BPA-free food-grade silicone with non-stick properties. These cups are not only used for baking but can also be used as a separator for food items in kids’ bento lunch boxes.

6. Freshware CB-308SC 12-Pack Silicone Mini

These silicone mini rectangle muffin and cupcake baking cups are ideal for creating tiny baked treats with ease. Suitable for a range of temperatures, the cups can as well be used to create frozen snacks and yummy ice lollies.

  • ✅ PINCH TEST APPROVED – Our 12 cup silicone muffin pan is made out of the highest quality 100% pure European LFGB grade silicone which is BPA free silicone and has no additives & no plastic fillers. Our silicone baking cups never turns white, please be noted that LFGB surpasses FDA (US Standard).
  • ✅ CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE – If this is your first time using silicone Cupcake liners, you will never go back to paper ones. Our silicone muffin cups are super easy to clean. Just put the cups in the dishwasher or use warm water & soap and clean up is done. That’s how easy it is!
  • ✅ MUFFINS POP RIGHT OUT – Our silicone muffin cups are absolutely non-stick. So wether you‘re making muffins, cupcakes or egg muffins – nothings sticks to the mold. Cost-saving alternative to disposable paper cups; works with any standard muffin pans.
  • ✅ SUPER EASY TO USE – Just put your silicone muffin cups on a cookie sheet for stability when you put them in and out of the oven and you‘re good to go! Depending on your batter you can always spray a little olive oil on the moulds – but it is not needed.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – No hassles and no back talk! We know we have a superior product and we think it’s time you do too. For any reason you aren’t satisfied all you have to do is let us know and we’ll refund your money. We want you to be happy above all else and we will gladly go out of our way to make sure you are.

7. Golda’s Kitchen 100 Count Baking Cups

7. Golda’s Kitchen 100 Count Baking Cups

These solid black baking cups for muffin and cupcake are indispensable in the kitchen. They are of great quality and are very sturdy. The cups are about greaseproof and the muffins will get released very easily from the liners. Just allow the muffin or cake to cool after baking and peel out the paper.

  • Size: 1¼” Wall, 2″ Base
  • Standard Baking Cup Size
  • Quick, colorful and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins
  • Also great for holding candies, nuts and other party snacks

8. 48 Pack of Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

8. 48 Pack of Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

The appeal of these baking cups is their silicone make. Even though some bakers prefer to stick to the outdated metal bakeware, bakeware make of silicone allows for easy removal of the baked goodies with just a twist or push. The cups are highly durable and easy to use. These cups can also be used in extremely cold temperatures like the freezer, and very high temperatures like ovens.

  • STANDARD SIZE: These liners measure 2 in. (5 cm) dia. Standard size baking cups for every day baking
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Non-stick, spotless & odor resistant feature ensures the silicone baking cups / molds very easy to clean. Simply rinse them in warm soapy water or place in dishwasher after use!
  • BRIGHT RAINBOW COLORS:Great for cooking eggs, baking muffins, preparing treats, lunch/snack cups, or car cup holder liner, also very helpful at birthday or holiday party, baby shower, or wedding!

9. Reynolds White Paper Cupcake Cup Liners

9. Reynolds White Paper Cupcake Cup Liners

These cupcake cup liners fit in standard-sized muffin pans perfectly without any wrinkling. The cups are grease resistant and won’t get a greasy look even if you use recipes with a lot of oil or butter. Since they come in basic white, the cups can work perfectly for all kinds of muffins and cupcakes.

  • Best quality sturdy standard size cupcake paper
  • White paper baking cups 500 pcs
  • Approx. 1-7/8” x 1-5/16 = 4.5” (48 mm x 33 mm)
  • Great for cupcakes, desserts, hot and cold appetizers, and candies
  • Packed by A World of Deals

10. Pantry Elements Silicone Baking Cups

10. Pantry Elements Silicone Baking Cups

The bright colors of this set of twelve reusable silicone baking cups make them an eye-catching option. The cups are heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and are oven, microwave, freezer and top-rack dishwasher safe. The cups are made of advanced FDA approved and BPA-free food grade non-stick silicone. They resist stains and ensure optimum performance.


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